alternate numbers w/distinctive ring
analogue hotline
anonymous call rejection
business continuity (CFNR)
call forwarding always
call forwarding busy
call forwarding no answer
call forwarding selective
call history
call hold and resume
call notify
call logs with click to dial
call queue agent
call redial
call return
call transfer (attended and blind)
call waiting for up to 4 calls
call waiting ID
directed call pickup
do not disturb
enterprise phone directory
extension dialing, variable length
feature access codes
inbound caller id (name)
inbound caller ID (name and number)
main number outbound caller ID
multiple line appearance
n-way calling (6)
outbound calling ID blocking
personal phone directory
selective call appearance
selective call rejection
sequential ring
simultaneous ring
speed dial 100
three-way calling
unified messaging
user web portal
video (point to point)
visual voicemail
All Basic features PLUS the below:
UC7 app bundles
barge-in exempt
busy lamp monitoring
directed call pickup with barge-in
executive/executive assistant
hoteling (host)
hoteling (guest)
office anywhere
pre-alert announcement
priority alert
remote office
shared call appearance
All Basic and Standard features PLUS the below:
UC7 collaboration bundle
instant messaging & presence
desktop sharing
my room collaboration

optional features

Feature Benefit
Auto attendant Provides a virtual assistant to answer incoming calls
Hunt groups Creates a SIM ring to a group of users so you never miss a call
Call queuing Calls are queued in the cloud so volume is not an issue
Call pull Pull calls from mobile to desktop and vice versa for complete flexibility
Voicemail portal Each service has own portal and number positioning your business professionally
Collaboration Allows conferencing, screen and document sharing
Call recording Any business can now keep a record of conversations at an affordable cost and capture calls at the touch of a button