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The who, what, when, where and why of feature access codes

2019-03-20T23:21:14+00:00March 20th, 2019|Categories: Blog, Latest News|Tags: |

Feature Access Codes are special sequences of digits and characters. They are also known as star codes because they are all preceded by the star (*) key. Feature Access Codes are dialled into a telephone keypad to invoke particular features or direct a specific action to be performed. This can be anything from activating call forward on no answer, to starting or ending a call recording. For example, a phone user might press *72, then press 2345# to forward all incoming calls to extension 2345. These codes control the configuration of certain features. They also allow phone users to select a particular feature or activate/deactivate a function the same way, regardless of phone type. Some Feature Access Codes are disabled on IP phones until they are explicitly enabled All Feature Access Codes except the call-park Feature Access Code are valid only immediately after a phone is [...]

Upgrading your phone system – the 7 questions to ask

2019-03-19T05:08:03+00:00July 27th, 2018|Categories: Blog, Latest News|

Can you add or remove users during the service contract? Do you have to pay for devices or for users? Is the call quality going to be the same? Are there any exit clauses in the service contract? Do you have to rent the phones for longer than the service contract? What’s included in the minutes bundle? Does the system offer web-based user self-administration? New software-based communications solutions don’t need dedicated hardware in the storeroom or data closet anymore, because the entire system runs in the cloud. In many instances, “hard phones” such as your desk phone are not even required. New phone solutions often include a “soft phone” or “client” that runs on many different devices, such as your PC, tablet or smartphone. This means you can add or remove users whenever you need [...]