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Do you know what your PBX is really costing you?

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The hidden costs of premises-based PBX systems should be a key driver for your business to start exploring the cloud alternative. Many PBX manufacturers claim that the five-year costs of their systems are lower than cloud solutions, however they don’t take into consideration the costs that arise as a result of the limitations of the hardware and software in their systems. Is the system sized for peak demand? With many PBX systems you have to buy capacity for the peak utilisation, which may only occur for a couple of weeks a year. Have you factored in the cost of site redundancy? Site redundancy will add at least an extra system to your costs. Look at how the PBX system handles calls if you lose the equipment room due to flood, fire or electrical failure. When will the manufacturer stop developing features for this product? The [...]

The appeal of scalable, quick-to-deploy, call recording cloud services

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Cloud-based call recording delivers all the typical cloud benefits – leading security, storage at scale, no capital purchase, pay for use and ease of management. When it comes to choosing a cloud call recording service, it’s more important than ever to plan for the future, as well as consider the needs you have today. For example, a real estate agent may benefit from call recording software that allows them to ensure sales agents stay compliant with price quoting regulations right now. For the future they may benefit from voice artificial intelligence (AI), that will alert them when a tenant, vendor or buyer experience becomes negative, allowing them to quickly remediate the situation. Read our real estate use case here. Today, many companies exploring the possibilities of call recording software will also need to select a strategy that’s compatible with their Unified Communications solution. Introducing cloud-based [...]