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Should you embrace remote working in your business in 2019?

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When a team member says they are going to be “working from home tomorrow” it can trigger eye rolls and conjure up all sorts of distorted notions. People working in their pyjamas. Long lunches. A disconnected, maybe even dysfunctional team culture. There are people who still think you need to be sitting in an office from 9-5 to get things done. The concept of telecommuting has been around since the 1970s. So why are we still debating the pros and cons of it today? With the current state of technology, the idea of remote work has never been more relevant. Freedom to work where you want These days, our ability to get work done is no longer restricted to one building. For most of us, all we need to do our work is a laptop, smartphone and a decent broadband connection. This gives us the [...]

Traditional call recording v cloud-based services

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Call recording is a common requirement for regulatory compliance and contact centres. While many companies might prefer to record every call, the substantial investment required to deploy and maintain an on-premises, enterprise-wide recording solution is often a barrier to that goal. Traditional call recording requires bulky, on-premises equipment to operate. The recording hardware is accompanied by security issues, large up-front costs and limited scalability. Because of the costs and need for security, traditional call recording has mostly been available and accessible only to large enterprises and corporations. Enter cloud-based call recording Cloud-based call recording completely changes the paradigm – providing an affordable, flexible and optimal business solution. Businesses of any size can now keep a record of their conversations at an affordable cost and capture their calls at the touch of a button. Some of the benefits include: Get every order right Details taken over [...]

The who, what, when, where and why of feature access codes

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Feature Access Codes are special sequences of digits and characters. They are also known as star codes because they are all preceded by the star (*) key. Feature Access Codes are dialled into a telephone keypad to invoke particular features or direct a specific action to be performed. This can be anything from activating call forward on no answer, to starting or ending a call recording. For example, a phone user might press *72, then press 2345# to forward all incoming calls to extension 2345. These codes control the configuration of certain features. They also allow phone users to select a particular feature or activate/deactivate a function the same way, regardless of phone type. Some Feature Access Codes are disabled on IP phones until they are explicitly enabled All Feature Access Codes except the call-park Feature Access Code are valid only immediately after a phone is [...]